These photos are from my three week stay in Konstanz Germany, summer of 2005. I was there on a business trip. Konstanz is on the Bodensee, and the Swiss-German border goes right through the City. Click on the small image to see a larger version.
Travel Photos
John Mampe, Christina Kiani, Mike Carpenter, Dennis Beaty, Chris Beaty, in Rheinfall Switzreland/Germany
Rheinfall Castle
Rheinfall Castle
Rheinfall and the Swiss Flag
Rheinfall and the Swiss Flag
International Bridge Konstanz Germany
International Bridge Konstanz
The famous statue of Konstanz, (a prostitue holding the pope in one hand and the emperor in the other)
The famous statue of Konstanz
Konzil Gastätten a restaurant/mall by the train station
Konzil Gastätten
Zeppeliner. Friedrichhafen nearby is where the first zeppeliners (blimps) were built.
Zeppeliner from Friedrichhafen
Inside the castle of Meerburg
The castle of Meerburg
A smart car
A smart car

Schnetztur a popular place in Konstanz