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Please take the time to fill in our questionnaire. We are trying to place the best puppy with your family. This will help us in making our decision.




Please fill in name & address: Claudia and Thomas Wikman 6954 Forestglade circle



1.                 Why do you want a leonberger?

We have a dog book and while looking at dogs we came across the leonberger, a gorgeous dog from Germany. We also had the opportunity to meet some leonbergers, a mother and her puppies, which were wonderful . We have read that Leonbergers are great with children and good guard dogs something wed like. We have two dogs, but we have not raised them as puppies. We have never had a puppy and would like to have one.




2. What do you like about the leonberger & what do you know about their characteristics? Do you prefer male or female? Why?

They are very beautiful, and love to swim. We have a huge pool and my children love to spend their summer time swimming. Leonbergers also make wonderful pets and are good guard dogs, and best of all they dont drool. We dont prefer a male or a female dog.




3. Are you aware this is at least a 10 year commitment?

Yes we have two other dogs and of course we are aware that they live up to ten years, hopefully more.



4.          Do you have any other pets? Have you had any experience raising a giant breed puppy?

We have a Lab, and a German Shepard. We have two dwarf hamsters, Moldova and Montenegro. My son also keeps a Baby Ball Python in a cage in his room (UGGH). As I said before we have never owned a puppy, but we met some leonberger puppies from a breeder who resides in Houston.



5.          Where will your dog be kept, indoors or outdoors? Backyard or Kennel?

Our dog would be kept mostly indoors (We live in Texas, and it would get too hot outside). At night we take all our dogs for walks, and for occasional swims during the year. When the dog is still a puppy we would keep it in a puppy play pen, and take it out every half-hour to go to the bathroom (until obedience training). We do have a fenced backyard the puppy can play in, we also have a dog run with a dog door so the dogs can come and go as they please. Wendy Jones

told us she had a giant doggy door.




6.          Is your yard fenced?

Yes, our yard has a 7ft solid wood fence all the way around.




7.          How many hours will you be out of the house? Where will your leonberger be while you are gone?

I am a stay ay home mom and we would almost always have someone in the house such as our housekeeper, children, and family. . If we are gone for a long periods of time we have a dog sitter that comes to our house to take care of our dogs.



8.          Do you have children? If so what are their ages?


We have three kids ages 13 ,10, and 8. Two boys and one girl (in that order).




9.          Describe a typical day at your house now? How do you think it will change once puppy arrives?

On a typical day the kids go to school, I like to take a long walk, I go through some paper work, I prepare dinner, then everyone comes home. On weekends my younger kids have sports, but my older kid stays home (He plays during week). I would be with the dog most of the day and would do my shopping while the housekeeper was there. I do not plan on leaving the puppy for any long period of time. Im sure that having the puppy will be like having another child. We have been told that the puppy will be quite rambunctious for the first three years of its life.




10. Have you observed any obedience classes in your area? It is very important that leonberger

puppies start obedience classes by 16 weeks of age. Would you attend such classes?

We have not observed any obedience classes yet. However, we are interested in the International K9 training facility in Dallas and would absolutely attend these classes.



11. Von der Lowenhohle puppies will start their crate training at our kennel. Will you continue this


If not , why not? Yes we would continue crate training at our home We will follow your advice and that of our veterinarians in regards to further training.





12. What plans do you have for your leonberger, e.g. showing, breeding, obedience, family

companion, therapy?

If you plan to show or breed, what experience, if any, have you had? Our major purpose for wanting the Leonberger is to have a family companion.




13.    Please add any other info. you feel will help us pick out a puppy for you.

We would like a dog that will fit in will with our family.





14. Please return this questionnaire, with a deposit, if we do not have a leonberger puppy for you,

your deposit will be returned. Also, if possible, add photos of your family.

Visit our family website at if you would like to see pictures of us (ctrl click on link).